Transform Your Events with rsvpBOOK's Mobile App

Elevate attendee engagement with a tap - experience seamless event management and unforgettable interactions.

Effortlessly Bring Your Event to Life

Kickstart your event setup with unmatched ease. Simply feed content into your app from your Dashboard and marvel as updates materialize instantly on the homescreen. It's not just about making changes; it's about witnessing your event evolve in real-time.

Navigate with Confidence

Guide your attendees through the complexities of your event's venue with intuitive maps. Choose to upload your own detailed layouts or seamlessly integrate maps provided by the venue. From sprawling outdoor festivals to multi-level conference centers, ensure everyone finds their way, effortlessly.

Craft Tailored Event Experiences for Every Attendee

Transform how attendees engage with your event by offering personalized agendas. Our intelligent system not only schedules workshops and sessions but also integrates speaker bios and provides direct access to webinars with a single click. Each attendee's experience is uniquely theirs, enriched with information catered just for them.

Enrich Your Event App with Bespoke Information

Go beyond the basic event details. With ease, incorporate custom content into your app like hotel recommendations, local attractions, dietary-specific meal options, and comprehensive travel guides. Make your app the ultimate companion, ensuring attendees have everything they need to make their experience memorable and convenient.

Engage with Gamification

Elevate attendee engagement to new heights! Our app introduces gamification into your events through quizzes, scavenger hunts, and leaderboards, making each interaction not just fun but memorable.

Instant Updates & Notifications

Ensure your attendees are always in the know with real-time updates and notifications. From schedule changes to important announcements, your event communication is seamless.

Streamlined Event Experience

Simplify every step of your event journey, from registration to feedback collection, with our sustainable, all-in-one mobile solution. Say goodbye to printed materials and hello to efficiency.

Interactive Vendor Maps

Your vendor floorplan can now be added to the App and made interactive! By adding your booths, attendees can click around the show floor and see details about your participants. You can also provide a vendor directory for your event with a click! Vendors can participate in the games during your event by offering their own QR codes worth points when scanned. You can even include vendor specific trivia with each scan for a chance at bonus points!

Workshop Self Check-In

This handy feature lets your presenter put up a scannable code during the workshop. If your instructor runs several instances of the session during your event, they can reuse the same code each time in their slide deck! When an attendee scans, they are automatically marked as Attended for the session in your reports. You can also optionally redirect them to take a survey right there about the workshop they just finished. This survey can either be anonymous or attached to their registration.

Real-Time Interaction Tracking

When you incorporate gamification into your event, you can now watch the activity unfold live! With the Floorplan Heatmap, you can see interactions as they happen. If a corner of the show sees to be lagging in attention, you can now proactively make an announcement or move activities to drive foot traffic.

Seamless Communication

With the Mobile Messaging Center, all of your communication is laid out. From upcoming automatic notifications to sending your own content, you can target exactly who you want to reach.

Boost the Excitement with Prize Drawings

Gamification now has its own Prize Drawing module available. You can enter everyone who participates in to win, or cut it off to the top performers. Everyone can also either have the same chance of winning, or more points can equal a better chance to take home a prize! A castable spinning wheel is also available if you want to perform drawings live on the big screen!

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