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Elevate Your Next Conference
Elevate your conference with's Castable Prize Drawing Tool, a dynamic feature designed to infuse your events with excitement and engagement. From the effortless prize selection to the jubilant winner announcement, this tool is crafted to make every moment memorable, ensuring participants are captivated and connected.

Prize Selection Page

Navigate through the simplicity of our Prize Selection page, where choosing the next giveaway is just a dropdown away. Designed for clarity and ease, this interface ensures that every prize pick is straightforward, allowing event hosts to seamlessly keep the excitement alive

Winner Confirmation Page

Reveal the moment of victory with our Winner Confirmation page, where the spotlight shines on the lucky attendee. This page not only celebrates the winner but also offers the flexibility to redraw, ensuring every prize moment is perfect and every participant stays on the edge of their seat.

I just wanted to let you know how effective and easy this made our event. We had over 2,600 people attend the event and the QR scanning system made it a breeze!

Chelsea G.


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